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State of the art high-speed 8 color printing press with high standards of quality and customized to your specific needs.

High Quality Printing

High quality resolution up to 150 lines screen with an 8 color capability printing. Graphic support team to help with pre-press services to let you achieve your graphic goals.

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The bonding of multi-layer films that are laminated to each other using a variety of specialized materials which are custom engineered to specific products.

Lamination Capability

Our solventless lamination machine is equipped with a new technology allowing an impressive speed of curing in two hours once laminated.

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Customizing configuration of high precision of a wide flexible packaging film roll into specific widths and length as per specification.

Slitting Capability

The capability of slitting 55 inch maximum rolls width with a maximum of 30 inch Outside Dimension (OD) down to specific requirements.

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Capability of offering both Micro and Macro holes perforation systems to increase product shelf life using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).

Macro Perforation &  Hole Application System

Able to offer both Micro and Macro holes application on your specific film requirements. Micro holes as small as 0.1mm using the latest hot needle system and an inline Macro holes system has big as 6mm.

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